What can I do about 24/7 sinus and throat inflammation?

Published: February 7, 2013

This is very generous of you to take questions over the internet for nothing. My most intense symptom is a pressure in my sinuses, throat, and even in the ears. It has been there for years and has been 24/7 for close to two years. It seems to be more inflammation than mucus, but when I do occasionally get mucus out, it is a very distinct white. Is this an autoimmune response? It's hard to swallow, vocalize, and sometimes to breathe. I've tried anti-fungals, antibiotics, and antivirals. I noticed you mentioned monolauren, which I've tried as well. I tried colloidal silver which worked very well for less than a day, and had a similar experience with an enema. These worked once and never again. Are there other ideas you have for treating this sort of thing? Thank you very much.


I would recommend your doctor address allergies and also consider a trial of the medications Diflucan 200 mg a day for 6-12 weeks in combination with the Sinusitis Nose Spray (available by prescription).
Dr T

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