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Fill in your search criteria below to search for a support group in your area. Click on the name in the search results for a complete profile of the support group. (Note: We do not ensure that this information is current. If you have a support group you would like to add, or if you are currently listed here but need to make a change in your information, please contact us.)

Name Full Name Organizationsort descending City State
ME/CFS Advocates of Rochester ME/CFS Advocates of Rochester Rochester New York
Carolyn Earnest Carolyn Earnest Santa Fe New Mexico
Barbara Taw Barbara Taw La Habra California
Ruth Clark Ruth Clark Beloit Wisconsin
Sue Sabol Sue Sabol Bethesda Maryland
Vijay Nagella Vijay Nagella Addison Illinois
Susan Friedl Susan Friedl Santa Rosa California
Antia McLellan Antia McLellan Portland Oregon
Mary Jane Wright Mary Jane Wright Martinsville Illinois
Tracy Kooy Tracy Kooy Calabasas California
Rachel Vojtko Rachel Vojtko Lawrence Kansas
Julie Patterson Julie Patterson Meridian Idaho
Janet Heisler-Krebbs Janet Heisler-Krebbs Chowchilla California
Karen Nealon Karen Nealon Rockford Illinois
Cynthia Burley Cynthia Burley New Castle Delaware
Lisa Lorden Lisa Lorden Pasadena California
Beverly McNeil Beverly McNeil Murray Utah
Michelle Taylor Michelle Taylor Newark New Jersey
Elfriede Ortiz Elfriede Ortiz Benbrook Texas
Jackie Rogers or Patti Latta Jackie Rogers or Patti Latta Butner North Carolina
Kate Nealon-Sands Kate Nealon-Sands Colorado
Kathy Wujek Kathy Wujek Utica Illinois
Sharon Kozyra Sharon Kozyra East Amherst New York
Alison Weber Alison Weber Orlando Florida
Marion Nelson Marion Nelson Sarasota Florida
Gail Lugo Gail Lugo Westville Indiana
Sandra Jones Sandra Jones Palatine Illinois
Sue Hanks Sue Hanks Groves Texas
Mellisa Burcham Mellisa Burcham Irving Texas
Dorothy Emmick Dorothy Emmick Lewisport Kentucky
James Weir James Weir WEST ISLIP New York
Dawn Peed Dawn Peed Kewanee Illinois
Doris Hardenburgh Doris Hardenburgh Manistee Michigan
Alfred & Louise Sanfilippo Alfred & Louise Sanfilippo Santa Maria California
Lynn Gallegos Lynn Gallegos Eaton Colorado
Anne Marie Young Anne Marie Young Bloomington Illinois
Eileen Petko Eileen Petko Tamaqua Pennsylvania
Nola Thacker Nola Thacker Austin Texas
Kay Diebels Kay Diebels Juneau Alaska
Dr. Peligrino Peligrino Dr. Peligrino Peligrino Colorado
Susanne Schaefer Susanne Schaefer Boulder Colorado
Angela Neumann Angela Neumann Baltimore Maryland
Alicia Bustos Alicia Bustos CRETE Illinois
Donna Reese Donna Reese Westport Indiana
Melodie Meissner Melodie Meissner Nevada Texas
Dr. Yunus Yunus Dr. Yunus Yunus Colorado
John Petty, PC John Petty, PC Longview Texas
Deloris Betsinger Deloris Betsinger Fort Worth Texas
Suzy Davis Suzy Davis Morgan Hill California
Sandra Sprester Sandra Sprester Tolar Texas