Real Cause, Real Cure

Rodale (Released June 2011; available at Amazon and bookstores August 2012)
by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. (with Bill Gottlieb)

The 9 Root Causes of Most Health Problems and the 28-Day Plan to Cure Them

For the past 35 years, I've focused on providing real cures to millions of people, including many who had nearly given up hope. My goal has been to help people find solutions for their most stubborn health problems — especially common medical conditions that continue to baffle and boggle conventional physicians.

The problem? Physicians usually fail to uncover the real causes of patients' illnesses. Given the average doctor visit, they have 5 minutes — giving them just enough time to write a prescription and then on to the next patient. Meanwhile they are spoon fed drug company advertising masquerading as science in their conferences and journals. They truly believe that by passing out drugs like candy, they are practicing "good medicine." It is sad.

The bad news? Studies showing effective treatments that are low-cost are simply never seen by most physicians. So doctors never hear about hundreds (if not thousands) of safe, low-cost and highly effective natural treatments. Then they tell patients "there is nothing we can do for you." And they are right. There is nothing they can do for you.

The good news is that highly effective, safe and low-cost natural treatments are available for most common conditions — from arthritis to zits! Often it is a matter of some very simple changes.

Knowledge is power! Ready to have a natural owner's manual for your body? My new book shares these secrets with you and provides simple and surprising solutions to most of today's common health problems!

Real Cause, Real Cure

Discover Natural Treatments

  • A pennies-only biblical herb that improves arthritis by 50% (Page 211)!
  • A pair of natural mineral tablets that perform like a "wonder drug" for preventing the complications of diabetes (Page 273)!
  • A more effective treatment for heartburn and GERD that allows you to get off expensive prescription drugs while solving the source of your discomfort (Page 318)!

These are just a few of the uncanny, unconventional health solutions you'll find in Real Cause, Real Cure.

100's of New Natural Cures for Today's Most Stubborn Ailments

Real Cause, Real Cure

It's no secret that many health problems continue to boggle and mystify conventional physicians — and just don't respond to prescription drugs or standard medical treatments.

But you may not realize that these difficult health problems often can be cleared up entirely once you identify the underlying cause of the trouble — and then correct it. Yes, it's usually just that easy!

The Cure is In the Cause

Sometimes the cause of your trouble is something as simple as a nutritional deficiency, or a secret food allergy, or an unidentified hormone imbalance, or maybe an adverse reaction to a medication you're taking.

Finding this out usually takes a bit of detective work — but most physicians today often are too busy to dig deeper for you.

The 9 Secrets of Disease-Free Living

Real Cause, Real Cure

Why do some people live long, healthy lives — while others succumb to illness and premature death? Study after study confirms that people who embrace these health secrets live longer and fare better. Real Cause, Real Cure explains how you can too.

The Best Nutritional Supplements for Peak Health

The majority of Americans are so deficient in essential vitamins and minerals that it could be harming your health (Pages 3-6) — especially if you're missing any of the 10 disease-blocking micronutrients listed on Page 6 of Real Cause, Real Cure.

The Secret to Sleeping Better and Living Longer

Improve the quality of your sleep with the "sleep easy" secrets outlined on Page 340. Need extra help? Taking these safe, inexpensive sleep supplements before bedtime will calm your brain and call the sandman.

The Most Effective and Easy Way to Get Fit

Exercise can improve just about every health problem out there. Check out these ingeniously easy ways to develop a regular exercise habit (on Page 67). And don't miss the ingenious "walking motivator" device on Page 66 that makes getting fit a breeze.

How to Train Your Brain to be Happy

Research shows that happiness can even extend your life by 40% (Page 69)! And it's a habit you can learn — even if you're "smile-challenged"(Page 83).

The Shocking Truth About Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs deplete your body of specific nutrients it needs for fundamental health. Here are the supplements to take if you're on any of these medications (Page 89).

Discover How to Keep Your Hormones in Balance

If you're not feeling your best, you're likely deficient in one of these key hormones (revealed on Page 108) — even if your tests are normal! Once corrected (easy to do), you can feel great again.

The Secrets for Better Digestion Now

The best diet on earth won't help if your body isn't digesting your food properly. That's why it's essential that you see Page 127 to uncover the real causes of today's digestive problems — and their nondrug solutions.

How to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World

Real Cause, Real Cure

Here are the most effective ways to protect your health from the 80,000 industrial chemicals added to our food and environment every year, (Page 142) featuring the all-important antioxidant (named on Page 7) that helps your body detoxify pharmaceutical drugs, pollutants, alcohol, and food pathogens.

Breakthrough Ways to Cool Down Inflammation in Your Body

Chronic inflammation is an underlying cause of almost all serious diseases. Here's how to snuff out those flames in your body — on Page 211 — including the highly effective Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Page 160).

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